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Some answers to general questions regarding our services and equipment:

How long will it take to scan my yard?

A typical flat piece of outdoor property in the victoria area should take no more than 45 minutes from setup to completion.

If you find an object will I know what it is?

Our technicians are trained to interpret the 3D information as it is displayed on the LCD screen. Objects will be identified by our technician.

Can anyone buy simulator equipment?

Although the equipment is available for public purchase, you are required by law to carry out certification training prior to utilizing the equipment. All of our service technicians have been certified from the latest training modules from equipment manufacturers.

Is the electromagnetic energy harmful?

No. The power and frequency used is capable of interfering with living tissue. The process is non-destructive and will not cause damage to items such as insects, pacemakers or your television. The amount of energy emitted by the devices are less than 1000th of a milli-watt or less than 100th of the power of a typical cell phone.

How deep can your equipment scan?

The depth of penetration will vary as a result of the type of material scanned. The average depth for concrete is 18 inches and for natural ground soil about 10 feet.

How much will a typical yard scan cost?

The cost is completely dependent on the size of the area being scanned. Please call us for pricing and quotes.

What kinds of lines can you detect?

We can detect practically any type of pipe or cabling such as water mains, electrical wiring, sewer lines, etc.

What happens if I hit my gas line underground?

The fine for puncturing a buried gas line is $10,000. call us and we will ensure you do not.

What happens if I hit a power line underground?

Hitting a power line can cause serious personal injury or even death. Please call for assistance before you dig.

What happens if I rupture a water main?

Besides being responsible for the cost of repairs, you can permanently damage the foundation of your house of business.

What types of interesting items have been found with this type of equipment?

The technology has been responsible for the discovery of valuable archaeological items around the world. Also, the type of equipment that we use was featured in a recent episode of CSI where tunnels were discovered leading across the Mexico/USA border.



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