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Oil Tank Locating

There are many abandoned Underground Oil Storage Tanks scattered around the Greater Victoria Area. Visit our Underground Oil Tank Location page.


Yard perimeter scanning
Full perimeter deep scan will detail all buried items in an easy to read file.

Site Perimeter Scanning
We generate "as builts" and carry out site scans for excavation purposes.


Detailed sediment analysis allows you flexibility to decide in advance what type of excavation will be necessary.

Buried object detection
Be aware of what lies beneath before the excavation begins

Our Equipment:

Van Equipped
Fully equipped service vehicles bring all the necessary equipment to your site. We employ powerful processing software. Our staff are trained in the latest techniques.

UtilityScan 270 & 400
GPR-based scanning tools rated #1 in the industry.
These multi-purpose can be used for almost any subsurface utility engineering or locating project.

RD 4000 Porta Scanner
Portable hand scanners allow for hard to reach structural ares.
They are easily employed in buildings, garages, and other cramped spaces.

Rigid Colour Camera System
Our colour camera snake system allows for below ground inspections of utilities and foundations.

How Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Works

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) works much like regular radar using pulses of electromagnetic radiation and reading the reflected radio signal to detect subsurface structures and objects without the need to drill.

Applications include locating buried voids/cavities, underground storage tanks, sewer lines, buried foundations, acient landfills. It can also be used to characterize bedrock, the internal structure of floors/walls, water damage in concrete, and the internal steelwork in concrete.

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Important Service Announcement

Terasen Gas ceases on site line locating:

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